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The Benefits of Using a Tower Sprayer in Orchards

Tower sprayer is a sophisticated machine designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of pesticide and nutrient application in orchards. Tower sprayers offer a range of benefits that can significantly impact orchard health and productivity.

Enhanced Coverage and Penetration with a Tower Sprayer

One of the most significant benefits of using a tower sprayer is its ability to provide superior coverage and penetration of sprays. Traditional ground sprayers often struggle to reach the upper and inner parts of trees, leaving some areas untreated.

This uneven application can result in pest infestations and disease outbreaks. Spray tower models, on the other hand, are designed to deliver a more uniform distribution of sprays throughout the canopy.

Reduced Drift and Environmental Impact

Spray drift is a common issue with traditional sprayers, where chemicals can be carried away by the wind, leading to wastage and potential harm to surrounding ecosystems.

Spray tower models are designed to minimize drift by directing the spray more precisely to the target area. The fine mist generated by the sprayer adheres better to the foliage, reducing the likelihood of chemicals being carried away by the wind.

Increased Efficiency and Time Savings with Spray Tower

Efficiency is a key factor in modern orchard management, and tower sprayer models excel in this regard. Their design allows for faster and more efficient spraying, covering larger areas in less time compared to traditional sprayers.

 The vertical reach and powerful fans enable a single pass to cover the entire height and width of the trees, reducing the need for multiple passes and saving valuable time during spraying operations.

Versatility and Adaptability

Spray tower models are highly versatile and can be used in various types of orchards, including those with different tree heights and densities.

The adjustable features of tower sprayer models, such as nozzle positioning and airflow control, make them adaptable to different orchard configurations and spraying requirements. This versatility ensures that tower sprayer models can be effectively used in a wide range of orchard settings, from small family-owned farms to large commercial operations.

tower sprayer

Holsan Can 20 Tower Sprayer – 2000 LT: Revolutionizing Orchard Care

Innovative Tank Design

At the heart of HOLSAN CAN 20 is its 2000-liter anti-corrosive fiberglass tank. This robust tank is built to withstand the harsh chemicals used in agricultural spraying, ensuring longevity and reliability. The inclusion of a steel wave breaker prevents liquid sloshing, maintaining stability even on uneven terrains. The tank also features a hydraulic mixer to keep the spray mixture consistent, a lockable lid for safety, a nybolt strainer to filter out debris, and a conveniently placed level indicator both in front and on the side. Additionally, the drain valve ensures easy and efficient emptying of the tank.


High-Performance Pump

The sprayer is equipped with an Imovilli M155 high-pressure 5-diaphragm pump. This powerful pump can deliver up to 142 liters (37.5 gallons) per minute at a pressure range of 0-50 bar. This high capacity ensures thorough and even coverage, making it ideal for large-scale orchards and vineyards. The five-diaphragm design provides consistent pressure and minimizes maintenance needs, ensuring the sprayer remains operational with minimal downtime.

Versatile PTO Shaft

HOLSAN CAN 20 features an 80° wide-angle, constant velocity PTO (Power Take-Off) shaft with an adjustable tow-bar. This design allows for smooth and efficient power transfer from the tractor to the sprayer, accommodating a wide range of tractor models and sizes. The adjustable tow-bar ensures the sprayer can be easily maneuvered, even in tight spaces.

Advanced Turbo System

One of the standout features of HOLSAN CAN 20 is its tower type 900 mm super-fan with a conveyor. This advanced turbo system includes 18 stainless steel even distribution blades, operating at a gearbox speed of 1950 – 2450 rpm. This setup ensures uniform distribution of the spray, maximizing coverage and efficiency. The system contains 20 nozzles, allowing for precise application, which is crucial for pest control and disease management in orchards and vineyards.

HOLSAN CAN 20 Tower Sprayer – 2000 LT is a testament to the advancements in agricultural technology. Its innovative design and robust construction make it an indispensable tool for modern farmers. With its high-capacity tank, powerful pump, versatile PTO shaft, advanced turbo system, and durable chassis, it ensures efficient and effective spraying, promoting healthier crops and higher yields.