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  • TANK: 100 lt. anti-corrosive fiberglass tank with strainer, level indicator, suction filter and drain valve
  • PUMP: Imovilli PM33 high pressure 3-diaphragm that can deliver 34 lt./min. 0-50 bar
  • ENGINE: Honda GX160 5.5 Hp 4-stroke fuel engine offers reliable power and durability.
  • CHASSIS: Steel chassis mounted on 2x 400 x 8, 4 Ply balloon tires
  • EQUIPMENT: 1x spraying gun, 1x 15 m high pressure hose, 1x 50 m capacity hose reel.
  • RANGE: 8-12 m, offering versatile coverage options to suit various field sizes.
  • DIMENSIONS: 750 mm x 2035 mm x 990 mm (W x L x H) Weight: 86 Kg

A New Dimension of Agricultural Excellence

For those seeking high-performance equipment equipped with the latest technology in agriculture and gardening, Holsan Super Mot 1-MO-RE 100 Lt. Garden Sprayer adds a new dimension to agricultural applications with its features and benefits.

Holsan Super Mot 1-MO-RE 100 Lt. Garden Sprayer is an ideal choice for those seeking excellent results in agriculture and gardening. With its durability, powerful pump technology, strong Honda engine, and user-friendly design, it is an ally that will make your agricultural tasks more efficient and effective.

Durability and Reliability

The tank, made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester, stands out with its sturdy structure. Features such as lockable tank lid, level indicator, suction strainer, and drain valve make usage more convenient and secure.

Powerful Pump Technology

Imovilli brand 3-diaphragm pump has been used for excellent performance in agricultural spraying. With a flow rate of 34 liters per minute and adjustable pressure ranging from 0 to 50 Bar, it offers flexibility to meet various agricultural needs.