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  • TANK: 1000 lt. anti-corrosive fiberglass tank with hydraulic mixer, lockable lid, nybolt strainer, level indicator in front and on the side and drain valve
  • PUMP: Imovilli M73 high pressure 3-diaphragm pump that can deliver 70 lt. (18.5 gallons)/min. 0-50 bar
  • PTO SHAFT: Standard, constant velocity shaft with adjustable tow-bar
  • EQUIPMENT: 2x spraying guns, 2x 15 m high pressure hose, 2x 50 m capacity hose reels, 1x spraying platform.
  • RANGE: 8-12 m, offering versatile coverage options to suit various field sizes.
  • DIMENSIONS: 1470 mm x 3380 mm x 1340 mm (W x L x H) Weight: 380 Kg

The Indispensable Garden Sprayer of the Agricultural Sector: Super Mil 10A

HOLSAN SUPER MIL 10A 1000 LT Garden Sprayer offers an excellent solution to the needs of modern agriculture. Designed to make your agricultural tasks more effective and efficient with its powerful features and superior performance, this excellent product is shaping the future of agriculture.

Tank: Reliable and Functional

1000-liter capacity tank of HOLSAN SUPER MIL 10A is equipped with hydraulic mixing system, lockable tank lid, filter made of nybolt, level indicator, and drain valve. These features of this garden sprayer allow you to store agricultural chemicals safely and effectively, ensuring excellent spraying on your agricultural fields.

Pump: Innovation and Power Combined

Equipped with a pump featuring 3 membranes and a flow rate of 70 liters per minute, adjustable to pressures ranging from 0 to 50 Bar, Imovilli M73 model embodies innovation and power. The robust pump of this garden sprayer enables the spraying of various agricultural chemicals under high pressure, making your agricultural practices more effective.

Introducing HOLSAN SUPER MIL 10A: Meet Reliability, Efficiency, and Ease of Use!

HOLSAN SUPER MIL 10A 1000 LT Garden Sprayer offers a solution that shapes the future of agriculture. Designed with reliability, efficiency, and ease of use in mind, this product is an ideal choice to make your agricultural tasks more effective and profitable. Discover HOLSAN SUPER MIL 10A to maximize the return on your investment and empower your agriculture!