HOLSAN CAN 600 - 600 LT.

mounted sprayers


  • TANK: 600 lt. anti-corrosive fiberglass tank with hydraulic mixer, lockable lid, nybolt strainer, level indicator and drain valve
  • PUMP: Imovilli M135 high pressure 5-diaphragm pump that can deliver 115 lt. (30.4 gallons)/min. 0-50 bar
  • PTO SHAFT: Standard, constant velocity shaft with adjustable tow-bar
  • TURBO: 8 blades 800 mm fan with stainless steel conveyor with gearbox set to 1950 - 2450 rpm.
  • CONTROLLER: Tractor mounted Braglia brand controller
  • RANGE: Even air distribution, 8 m left, 8 m right, 16 m total
  • DIMENSIONS: 1730 mm x 1460 mm x 1580 mm (W x L x H) Weight: 347 Kg

Where High Performance Meets Innovation: Can 600 Mounted Sprayers

The need for technological solutions to increase efficiency, combat diseases, and enhance the quality of agricultural products is steadily growing in agriculture sector. In this context, Holsan Can 600 mounted sprayers emerge as a prominent agricultural equipment with its features and innovative design.

Large Storage Capacity and Hydraulic Mixing Apparatus

Holsan Can 600 mounted sprayers standsout with its large 600-liter storage capacity. Thanks to the hydraulic mixing apparatus, agricultural chemicals are mixed uniformly, ensuring effective usage. Additionally, it provides secure storage with a lockable tank lid.

High-Performance Pump

Imovilli M135 model, a 5-membrane pump with a flow rate of 115 liters per minute, stands out for its superior performance. Adjustable from 0 to 50 bar pressure, this feature allows farmers to easily adjust the spraying pressure to their desired level, enabling usage tailored to different agricultural needs.

Turbo Fan and Stainless Steel Hood

Holsan Can 600 mounted sprayers provide high airflow with its 8-blade 800mm turbo fan feature. Its stainless steel hood ensures the product’s longevity and durability. Transmission can be adjusted from 1950 to 2450 revolutions per minute, allowing adaptation to various agricultural conditions.

Discover Innovation and Efficiency with Holsan Can 600 Mounted Sprayers

Holsan Can 600 mounted sprayers provide an innovative solution tailored to the needs of farmers in the agriculture sector. Equipped with a large storage capacity, high-performance pump, turbo fan features, and user-friendly control system, this product serves as a valuable assistant, making agricultural operations more effective and efficient for farmers. Holsan Can 600 Turbo Atomizer stands out as a solution where technology and performance converge in the agriculture sector.