spraying systems


  • TANK: 2000 lt. anti-corrosive fiberglass tank with steel wave breaker, hydraulic mixer, lockable lid, nybolt strainer, level indicator in front and on the side and drain valve
  • PUMP: Imovilli M155 high pressure 5-diaphragm pump that can deliver 142 lt. (37.5 gallons)/min.
  • PTO SHAFT: Standard, constant velocity shaft with adjustable tow-bar
  • TURBO: Canon type with 6 nozzles at the tip, 6 nozzles on the side, total of 12 nozzles. Head can be adjusted 45°. Dual rotors. Can be used to spray a distance of 50 meters on a non-windy day with a 70 hp tractor. Gearbox set to 1950 - 2450 rpm.
  • CHASSIS: Strong steel construction with steps
  • DIMENSIONS: 2720mm x 4020 mm x 3000 mm (W x L x H) WEIGHT: 730 Kg

Revolutionizing Crop Protection with Efficient Spraying Systems

HOLSAN Can 20 Kanon 2000 lt. Trailed Type Turbo Atomizer is a game-changer in the field of crop protection. These cutting-edge spraying systems combine robust design, advanced technology, and user-friendly features, making them an indispensable tool for modern farming.

The Heart of the Atomizer: 2000 Lt. Anti-Corrosive Fiberglass Tank

At the core of Holsan Can 20 Kanon spraying systems is its 2000-liter anti-corrosive fiberglass tank. This tank is designed to withstand the harshest chemicals, ensuring longevity and durability. The steel wave breaker inside the tank ensures a stable mix, reducing the risk of spillage during operation. Additionally, the hydraulic mixer of the air sprayers ensures consistent mixing of chemicals, leading to more effective spraying.

Precision and Flexibility with Air Sprayers: The Turbo System

Holsan Can 20 Kanon air sprayers feature a Canon-type turbo system with a total of 12 nozzles – 6 at the tip and 6 on the side. This setup allows for precise application, ensuring that chemicals are distributed evenly and accurately. The head of the turbo can be adjusted by 45°, providing flexibility to target different areas and crop heights.

A Step Forward in Agricultural Efficiency

Holsan Can 20 Kanon 2000 lt. air sprayers represent a significant advancement in agricultural spraying technology. Its robust design, high-capacity tank, powerful pump, and versatile turbo system make it an invaluable asset for farmers looking to improve crop protection efficiency.