HOLSAN CAN 20 900 SF 2000 LT.

sprayer with tank


  • TANK: 2000 lt. anti-corrosive fiberglass sprayer with tank with steel wave breaker, hydraulic mixer, lockable lid, nybolt strainer, level indicator in front and on the side and drain valve
  • PUMP: Imovilli M155 high pressure 5-diaphragm pump that can deliver 142 lt. (37.5 gallons)/min. 0-50 bar
  • PTO SHAFT: 80° wide angle, constant velocity shaft with adjustable tow-bar
  • TURBO: 900 mm super-fan with stainless steel conveyor with gearbox set to 1950 - 2450 rpm. Contains 14 / 16 nozzles
  • CHASSIS: Strong steel construction chassis with steps on both sides, conveyor shield, mounted on 10.0/75-15.3 tubeless tires
  • CONTROLLER: Tractor mounted Braglia brand controller
  • RANGE: Even air distribution 12 / 15 m left, 12 / 15 m right, 24 / 30 m total
  • DIMENSIONS: 1720 mm x 4000 mm x 1460 mm (W x L x H) Weight: 650 Kg

Advanced Technology, Maximum Efficiency: HOLSAN Sprayer with Tank

HOLSAN sprayer with tank is designed to revolutionize agricultural sector. With its large 2000-liter tank capacity, it offers an uninterrupted spraying experience for extended periods of operation. This sprayer with tank sprayers enhance farmers’ workflow continuity, maximizing efficiency.

Perfect Distribution with The Best Spray Machine for Agriculture

900mm Super-Fan is another unique feature that sets HOLSAN Can 20 900 SF as one of the best spray machine for agriculture. With 18 directional blades made of stainless steel, turbo fan technology ensures perfect distribution of pesticides, thereby enhancing agricultural productivity.

Robust Chassis and Adjustable Movement: Safe and Flexible Operations

HOLSAN sprayer with tank features a sturdy steel construction chassis mounted on 10.0/75-15.3 tubeless tires. Features such as double-sided steps, hood protector, and adjustable drawbar provide users with safe operation. With an 80° wide-angle PTO shaft, this agricultural vehicle adapts to various farming conditions.

Powerful Pump System: Precise and Effective Spraying

Imovilli M155 model, equipped with a 5-membrane pump system with a flow rate of 142 liters per minute, offers a powerful performance that sets this best spray machine for agriculture apart from their competitors. This system, adjustable to pressures ranging from 0 to 50 Bar, provides farmers with precise spraying tailored to different agricultural needs.

A New Dimension in Efficiency: HOLSAN CAN 20 900 SF

Agricultural sector constantly seeks more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly solutions to keep pace with advancing technology. HOLSAN sprayer with tank is an engineering marvel designed to meet these needs. With its high performance, large tank capacity, user-friendly design, and environmentally compatible features, this sprayer with tank stands out, offering farmers the opportunity to shape the future of farming.

The best sprayer machine for agriculture is meticulously designed agricultural tools to meet the requirements of modern farming. With its high performance, environmentally friendly technology, and user-friendly design, HOLSAN successfully achieves its goal of providing farmers with an efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly farming experience. This product opens the doors to a new era in agricultural sector, empowering farmers with the strength of modern farming.