HOLSAN CAN 11 1000 LT.

tow behind sprayer


  • TANK: 1000 lt. anti-corrosive fiberglass tank with hydraulic mixer, lockable lid, nybolt strainer, level indicator in front of the tow behind sprayer and on the side and drain valve
  • PUMP: Imovilli P186 high pressure 6-pistons pump that can deliver 172 lt. (45.4 gallons)/min. 0-50 bar
  • PTO SHAFT: 80° wide angle, constant velocity shaft with adjustable tow-bar
  • TURBO: 800 mm fan with stainless steel conveyor with gearbox set to 1950 - 2450 rpm. Contains 14 nozzles
  • CHASSIS: Strong steel construction chassis with steps on both sides, conveyor shield, mounted on 235xR15 tires
  • CONTROLLER: Tractor mounted Braglia brand controller
  • RANGE: Even air distribution,12 m left, 12m right, 24 m total
  • DIMENSIONS: 1500 mm x 3490 mm x 1270 mm (W x L x H) Weight: 534 Kg

A New Dimension of Efficiency for Effective Agriculture

Designed to adapt to the evolving dynamics of agriculture, Holsan CAN 11 1000 LT. tow behind sprayer offers farmers a more effective farming experience with its compact design and powerful features. These attractive tow behind sprayer models stand out with their unique design and features, shedding light on the future of agriculture.

Tank: Hydraulic Mixing and User-Friendly Design

With its 1000-liter capacity tank, hydraulic mixing device, and lockable tank cover, Holsan CAN 11 ensures safe and homogeneous storage of agricultural chemicals while providing farmers with ease of use. Filter made from nyboltt enables quality filtration, allowing for the pure and effective use of agricultural chemicals. Features such as the front dial, side level indicator, and drain valve allow farmers to manage their tasks with greater precision with agricultural sprayers for sale.

Powerful and Adjustable Pump

Imovilli P186 model, equipped with a 6-piston pump delivering a flow rate of 172 liters per minute, provides an ideal solution for quickly and effectively distributing agricultural chemicals over a wide area. Its adjustable pressure range from 0 to 50 Bar offers farmers flexibility to adapt to different agricultural needs, thereby enhancing efficiency

Tow Behind Sprayer with Turbo Technology

Equipped with an 80° wide-angle PTO shaft, Holsan tow behind sprayer enhances agricultural operations with its powerful movement system. 800mm fan turbo, stainless steel hood, and directional 14-nozzle transmission extend the spraying distance up to 12 meters to the right, providing farmers with extensive coverage.

Agricultural Sprayers for Sale Provide Solutions to the Needs of Modern Agriculture

Holsan CAN 11 1000 LT. Turbo Atomizer stands out as a leader in offering solutions to the needs of modern agriculture with its efficiency, ease of use, and environmentally friendly design. These agricultural sprayers for sale promise farmers a more effective, economical, and environmentally sustainable farming experience