Established in 1966, HOLSAN Agricultural Tools and Machines Inc. embodies a rich legacy of innovation and excellence. The journey began in Turkey with the visionary goal of manufacturing sprayers — a vision that originated from our parent company, SADİ GÖKÇEATAM, which had been importing and exclusively distributing these machines since 1946.

With over six decades of experience, our company stands as the foremost and longest-standing pioneer in the field of sprayers in Turkey. Commitment to delivering quality has been steadfast, with tens of thousands of HOLSAN sprayers earning domestic and international acclaim for their robust design, trouble-free operation, and exceptional spraying performance.

At HOLSAN, we lead the way in embracing and implementing cutting-edge technological advancements in our field. Our legacy extends beyond new purchases, as HOLSAN holds a unique distinction — it is the sole name sought-after in the second-hand equipment market.

For 40 years, our piston-type high-pressure pumps have been the trusted choice in agriculture and industry alike. Operating from our facility in Gebze, Kocaeli, HOLSAN proudly serves our farmers with a dedicated team of experienced technical experts.

Upholding the motto of continual improvement, we strive to meet and exceed expectations, ensuring that every product we deliver is not just good but truly exceptional.



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